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What happened after Scotland voted No
What happened after Scotland voted No


No aspect of Scottish life escaped the “Project Fear” treatment. In September 2014 the press issued dire warnings that the “divisive” referendum campaign would wreak havoc on tourism, and that no matter what the result of the vote, visitors from south of the border were planning to stay away in their droves simply because Scotland had had a bit of an argument with itself.

cancellations by englist tourists because of ill feeling

When the figures for the next 12 months duly showed up, the reality, once again, was the exact opposite of what the Unionist press had solemnly warned.

rise in british tourists to scotland

Several companies were persuaded by the UK government to issue warnings/threats that they’d move all or part of their business out of Scotland, or close down some of their stores or factories, if Scotland voted Yes. But after Scotland voted No, they did it anyway.

business threaten to quit scotland if yes vote businesses leave anyway after no vote

Ironically, all the same businesses who’d issued the dire warnings about Scottish independence are now panicking that staying in the UK might see them torn out of Europe.

eu exit risks jobs say businesses