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What happened after Scotland voted No
What happened after Scotland voted No


The result of the Tory majority delivered by the No vote was that the Conservatives were able to block every suggestion put forward by other parties during the negotiations over the additional powers promised by David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg in the Daily Record’s infamous “Vow”.

Despite JK Rowling’s stout confidence that Scots would “never have been more popular, or in a better position to dictate terms” if they voted No, every single one of the 120 amendments proposed by the 58 SNP, Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs that Scotland elected in May 2015 was rejected out of hand by the Tory government, which had one Scottish MP.

(Labour joined the Tories in rejecting almost all those put forward by the SNP.)

The UK government then attempted to use its majority to force the Bill through with a “fiscal framework” which would have cost Scotland over £7 billion in additional budget cuts (over and above those being imposed anyway as part of its austerity measures in the whole of the UK).

Only the determination of the Scottish Government’s negotiating team, who threatened to reject the Bill at Holyrood if it damaged Scotland financially, prevented the attempt – or more accurately, postponed it for five years, at which point the UK government plans to try again.

The powers which were finally devolved were dismissed by the independent think-tank Reform Scotland as “not likely to allow for real reform” and “not offer[ing] the opportunity to create a better environment for economic growth”.

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