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What happened after Scotland voted No
What happened after Scotland voted No

On the 18th of September 2014, 85% of the people of Scotland voted in a referendum. By a ratio of 11 to 9 they chose not to become an independent country.

Voters had been subjected to a blood-curdling array of warnings and threats, ranging from the confiscation of the Edinburgh Zoo pandas to a global cataclysm.

They’d been “lovebombed” by a parade of C-list celebrities begging Scotland to stay in the UK.

And they’d been promised “faster, safer, better change” by the leaders of every major political party if they voted No.

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The projected date for Scotland to have of cially become an independent nation in the event of a Yes vote was the 24th of March 2016. (Though the date, like everything else, was of course hotly disputed during the campaign.)

This book was published on that date, in order to record the consequences of Scotland’s choice.

what they said and what happened

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