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What happened after Scotland voted No
What happened after Scotland voted No


Another relentless message of the No campaign was that pensions were only safe in the UK.

The fear was so strong that it even drowned out the UK government assuring the elderly that their pensions would continue to be paid in the event of independence, just as they are if pensioners emigrate to foreign countries.

The constant scaremongering on the subject saw a huge No majority among the over-55s effectively decide the outcome of the referendum. (Most under-55s voted Yes.)

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After the No vote was secured, though, the message about the comfort and security of pensions in the UK changed.

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Under projected UK government changes, most men in Scotland won’t live long enough (77.1 years) to receive a state pension, while an average life expectancy for Scottish women of 81.1 will see them receive the pension for just six weeks before they die.

(The life-expectancy figures above are for children born in 2013. By the time they actually reach old age, it’s highly likely that the point of eligibility will have been extended further. Most children born in Scotland after the year 2000 will never see a penny of UK state pension.)

work till you're 85 in the uk